Andre Chrys- solo artist. “Tony is a man of many musical talents, and he brings them all to the table when he takes on the role of producer. He's an accomplished arranger and recording engineer, but perhaps more importantly, Tony is a great songwriter and a recording artist himself. He has spent many hours in recording studios on both sides of the glass, and that's what makes him a great producer. I can recommend Tony wholeheartedly to anyone wishing to capture their musical ideas and present them to the world.”


Tom Lavin- Powder Blues Band and owner of Pacific Audio & Visual Institute, PAVI. “I have had the pleasure of playing music with Tony for more than ten years.  During that time not only have I admired his natural abilities as a top level player, I have grown to increasingly respect his formidable accomplishments as a singer, songwriter, arranger, producer and teacher.  Here’s a guy who, in my opinion, can truly do it all.”


Randall Stoll- Drummer w/ KD Lang, Tom Cochrane, Soulstream. “Tony has great musical instincts and always makes my drums rock the mix.”



Ken Burke- Production Manager –Blue Wave Productions “Tony and I did 29 TV episodes together. He’s an ideas man and would always come up with new and interesting arrangements to keep the sessions going. I use him for all my sessions. Thanks Tony!” Ken



Aaron Grant- Trigger The Pony, Broken Condom Babies. “Tony has the incredible ability to solve any musical riddle without sounding predictable. Highly recommended.”



Danny C Davies- solo artist. “I would recommend Tony’s production skills to anyone looking for an accomplished, professional producer/musician who can really take a song and bring out the best in it, sonically and otherwise. His arrangement, production and mixing work specifically on one of my songs "Big Town" made the track turn a lot of ears which led to it's inclusion on a high profile compilation CD and a documentary film soundtrack.”


Jerry Wong -Damn The Diva, Loverboy “I've worked with plenty of musicians in my time and without question Tony is one of the most natural talents I've ever worked with. He has an incredible ear for detail and his arrangement and production ideas always exceed expectations!”

Tony Marriott- “I didn’t mind working with me either and I think some of my stuff turned out pretty good.”    ‹(•¿~)›


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